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as in a tear of the skin DIAGRAM (March 2022)

roux ga roux DIAGRAM (March 2022)

the beauty of the chorus DIAGRAM (March 2022)

what it means to be all bite DIAGRAM (March 2022)

the dead matter Westbranch (Winter 2022; print only)

what is Art Bacopa Literary Review (September 2020; print only)

blindspots  Lift Every Voice (October 2019; print only)

rush-hour love  Grasslimb (August 2019; print only)

we’ll crush the wage gap...  Grasslimb (August 2019; print only)

the calm  Grasslimb (August 2019; print only)

#Dismantlingthepatriarchy is the New Black...  Plainsongs (July 2019; print only)

An Earnest Exodus: Directions to One Final Humiliation  Subprimal (December 2018)

Song of Our Cells  Feckless Cunt Anthology (September 2018) 

LA A(r)mor  Falling Star Magazine (Summer 2018; print only)

“see you next tuesday”  Poetry Quarterly (October 2017; print only)

Cannibalism is the Sincerest Form of Flattery  Nasty Women Poets (September 2017)

A Modest Proposal for 2017  Rascal Journal (September 2017) *Pushcart Prize Nomination*

Vegetable Temporal  California’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology (August 2017)

Boys named Josh are trouble Switchback (April 2017)

Crystal Love  Claudius Speaks (April 2017)

Gifts  Switchback (April 2017)

I Only Love Broken Things  Zingara (January 2017) *Sundress Best of the Net Nomination*

Equal Pay  South 85 Journal (December 2016)

San José Famous  Caesura: The Poetic Games (December 2016)

Deep Throat  Zingara (November 2016)

Stealing Lingerie, Age 16  Foliate Oak (October 2016) *Pushcart Prize Nomination*


that which is not nothing  Typehouse Literary Magazine (February 2020) 

Street Walking  WORDPEACE (February 2019) 

In Sheep’s Clothing  Here Comes Everyone (January 2019)

Refrains of a Metal Unicorn  Mask Magazine (August 2018) 

Writing Public Spaces  MARY (Spring 2017) *Winner of the Editor's Prize*

Past Sense  Santa Ana River Review (January 2017)

Waiting for the Flood  Boiler Journal (January 2017) *Sundress Best of the Net Nomination*

Making Space  The Writing Disorder (September 2016)

Prepping for the Apocalypse  The 3288 Review (August 2016; print only)

What We See  Reed Magazine (Spring 2016)


Poetics Essay

In Defense of Oceanic Poetics  Palaver Journal (May 2022) 


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