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new mythologies

Poetry Chapbook

Praise for new mythologies:

"Kym Cunningham's stunning chapbook new mythologiescollapses the architecture of the given and offers us new, enlivening language out of the rubble. Vested in the politics of the possible, new mythologies asks us to see 'whatiserased' by patriarchal white supremacy from the foundational narratives that structure thought. In doing so, Cunningham's takes a linguistic jackhammer to the rigid mono-discourses that trap their speakers, in order to make new, shape-shifting, poly-myths both to question and live by [...] As if 'inerosivecaress,' new mythologies is an act of fierce tenderness that attempts to undo the strictures of the inherited in the same breath as it binds us to language's gift: a new sociality."

-Henk Rossouw, author of Xamissa

Difficulty Swallowing

Collection of Essays

Praise for Difficulty Swallowing:

"In her debut collection of autobiographical essays [...] Kym Cunningham takes on some of the world’s biggest and baddest systematic issues and finds a way to ground them in the personal, the concrete, and make them even more haunting as a result. Cunningham uses unflinchingly vulnerable and beautifully written anecdotes to provide a recognizable face to problems such as the struggling educational system, homelessness, eating disorders, and sexism within San Jose’s tech valley and the boy’s club world of motorcycling. Cunningham weaves her own personal experiences in with musings and information about these overwhelming and universal issues, making them seem simultaneously more personable and approachable as you encounter them with her as a guide, and more vivid and immediate as she uses both her experience and her skillful language to breathe them to life."

-Couri Johnson, author of I'll Tell You a Love Story

Read the full review here

l'appel du vide

Poetry Chapbook


These eighteen poems examine the narrator’s relationship with men throughout her tumultuous teen years and into the nascence of Saturn’s Return as she struggles to separate her identity from male influence.

Praise for l'appel du vide


"Kym Cunningham's poems are bold, sometimes brash, but beautifully articulate the power of poetry to express the hard edges that life throws at us. Cunningham's poems play with language in ways that move us to see and feel beyond the surface and to look right into the void of the possible. A daring and soulful collection." 

-Persis Karim, Professor of Creative Writing at SFSU 

“Kym Cunningham’s first chapbook is an astringent. With each poem she makes us feel the slap of her language as we take a flying leap, as it were, into the void of her well-churned syntax. Her poems take us to where love is a condition, where we are made to smell spoiled memories and feel the pulse of unrefined anger, where hope can be seen as a threat. And where stabbed by her imagery we are excited to be alive.”

 -Alan Soldofsky, Author of In the Buddha Factory 

If you find these costs prohibitive, please contact me and I will send you a free copy. Unfortunately, I can only offer this to U.S. addresses. Apologies to international readers.

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