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the dissonance

Poetry Collection

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a book of poems that will probably make your head hurt. apologies in advance.

new mythologies

Poetry Chapbook



a chapbook of (mini)myths, in verse(ish) form.

Difficulty Swallowing



a collection of essays i've been told are easily digestible. i'm sure there's some analysis re: this & positionality, if you were so inclined.

read a friend's review here

l'appel du vide
     Poetry Chapbook




a (bad) chapbook of (angsty) poems published by a (vanity) press. what can i say: some of us have to learn the hard way. lmk if you want a copy. i have too many & am sick of looking at them.

if you find these costs prohibitive, please contact me. i'll send you a copy for free.

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